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Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood (2012)

The Hatfields and McCoys fight for justice and vengeance in a feud that spans decades and costs many lives. As the Civil War rages on, Asa McCoy, a Union soldier, heads home to West Virginia after a horrific battle. On the way, he runs into his neighbors, the Hatfields, who are Confederate sympathizers. Furious with the idea that one of their neighbors is fighting for the Union, the Hatfields gun down Asa and begin a decades-long feud between the families. As the familial battle rages on and more people are killed, things become complicated as two young adults from each side fall in love – and one family is brought to justice.
  • Christian Slater
    Christian Slater
  • Jeff Fahey
    Jeff Fahey
  • Kassandra Clementi
    Kassandra Clementi
  • Lisa Rotondi
    Lisa Rotondi
  • Perry King
    Perry King
  • Priscilla Barnes
    Priscilla Barnes
  • Sean Flynn
    Sean Flynn